Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Back in 2001, my friends and I had all recently began our college years.  So as a last "hurrah" before life took us our separate ways, we made a little film together.  A homage to the black and white "atomic age" films.

We decided to make the ultimate "home movie" and the rules basically were: everything must be provided by items from our homes (camera equipment, props, etc.) and all locations must be in our homes.

We didn't have access to editing equipment, so based on the script, we storyboarded out every shot and sequence.  All of our actors had stage experience, so they were great at memorizing lines and rehearsing actions.  This was helpful because we filmed every shot in the order you see, rehearsing every angle till we had it right because there were no 2nd takes.

So sit back, relax and hopefully you'll enjoy this fun, silly little production as much as we enjoyed making it.

BTW - I have had some filmmaker friends who have found Shadowmask to be therapeutic at times when they are feeling discouraged about their work.