Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unlike The Cure, I care about Thursday.

I finally got around to reading G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday and loved it!  This is the first fictional book of Chesterton that I've read and I believe it helped me to appreciate the story with some background on the author.  A great read!  Even though it was written over a 100 years ago, I found Thursday to be an intense "page turner".  Ever chapter ends on a cliffhanger and kept me reading to uncover more.  At first, the story comes across as a Mystery but soon the plot unfolds to reveal that more is at stake, possibly the end of the world.
Bottom line, read it!  Some of you may not fully "get it" but many of you will appreciate the journey it takes you through.
A little something I made in tribute to this great novel:


  1. Hey Josh. Great picture. I love it! I'm re-reading "The Man Who Was Thursday" currently and it's every bit as good on a second read.

  2. Thanks James!
    Speaking of book reviews, thank you so much for the great one you wrote on Scrooge and Santa! I shared it on Facebook and many people loved it.