Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smoke On The Mind

Been thinking a lot about pipe smoking lately, and just this last weekend I got my very first pipe!  As a result, I've been doing some doodles, like this one in my sketch pad.  It's also my second attempt at using a new brush pen.


  1. I love it. If his ears were suggestively pointy I'd say you had a great character in some sort of odd-ball Victorian phantasy. How do you like pipe smoking btw? Can you compare it with cigars? Oh, and while I'm rambling, my students read "The Man Who Was Thursday" for class and geeked out over your cover art for that book.

  2. Thanks.
    Can't really be a good judge between stogies and pipes, since I'm still new to pipe smoking. I like them both.
    So glad your students appreciated that drawing!

  3. Some good sketches of pipe smoking men at