Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Bearded Cowboy Monkey

If there is only one guy out there who knows how to draw a monkey, it's Ryan Agadoni.  
I've loved Ryan's work ever since I was in college. I would see his drawings here and there and even visited his Senior show, but I was not aware of who was making them. It wasn't untill sometime after college that I actually got to know Ryan, and became as much a fan of him as I was of his art. Being Ryan's friend and being a fellow artist, is like having a good cup of coffee ready and waiting to give you a boost. Ryan is an artist's artist, in that he is a fan and supporter of his fellow artists. We have mutual friends who work as professional illustrators and he is just as eager to buy their work as he is with other pros he admires. He brings value to his fellow artists' work and it makes them also feel valuable.
Mr. Agadoni is also a good art critic and is very helpful in giving honest feedback regarding your work. He's just as critical of the art of others as he is of his own. Ryan's not a guy who rushes through a piece. He's great at thinking things through and performing the necessary prep work to make a final piece strong.
Ryan knows Westerns as much as he knows monkeys and is a great resource to turn to if you're ever curious about such culture.  If you want to get more into this guy's head, check out his BLOG.
In tribute to this Dude, I whipped up this drawing.  In case you're confused, I gave him the ears and body of a monkey.  One thing about Ryan that  I'm envious of, is he can look in the mirror and will himself to grow a beard.  His facial hair is constantly changing, so instead of locking down one style of trim, I decided to give you the option of what fur you want on Ryan's mug.


  1. Ha ha, just needs to be made into Colorforms or transferred to felt.