Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comic Heroes

I thought it might be fun to create a few posts talking about individuals that I admire in their craft, in the hopes of supporting and promoting them.
The webcomic world has grown to be very vast over the years, and I don't pretend to be an expert on them.  There have been a couple that I like but none that I follow consistently.  That might be changing due to an exposer to this world from personal attachments.  This is mostly due my friend Ethan Nicolle and now Doug TenNapel.  Over the past couple of years I've gotten to know Ethan as a friend and as a respectable artists.  After getting to know him and really enjoying his company (mostly due to the fact that we are both Misties), I found out that he did drawings.  I didn't realize until he handed me a couple graphic novels he made called Chumble Spuzz and told me that he was nominated an Eisner for them, just how much of a "Drawer" he was!  About a year ago, he came back from his Christmas break with funny stories about playing with his kid brother Malachi, and how they created a character called Axe Cop.  I and other friends witnessed how this fun little idea exploded in a cultural phenomenon!
My friendship with Doug TenNapel came about in the opposite way.  I was a long time fan of his work, ever since the video game of Earthworm Jim.  Over time I got to talk with Mr. TenNapel at various points, but it wasn't until a mutual friend (Ryan Agadoni) gave me an opportunity to know Doug more personally.  (Doug and Ethan are also close friends, which was one of the reasons I met Ethan.)  Doug's latest project (his body of work is EPIC) is a brand-spanking-new webcomic series called Ratfist.  This is Doug's first webcomic and I hope it will gain the same success as Ethan's first webseries.
I admire both of these men for their body of work, the ethic for their craft, and the ideals they live by.  They are also great guys to work with, as I've experienced helping each of them on a couple of projects.
In celebration of and first year anniversary of Axe Cop and the launch of Ratfist, I decided to do a little sketch of these great guys.  Even though I haven't met him yet, Malachai is in there to give credit where credit is due.

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