Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Comic That May Never Be (Platypus of Truth 1)

Over a year ago, I was inspired by my friend James Harrington to create a webcomic.  I don't mean that he urged me to create a comic, I was inspired by his writings and blog title to create a comic for which I coxed him to join me.  Thankfully he loved the idea and threw tons of material at me, unfortunately I was unable continue working on it due to life/work getting busy and distracting.   I was able to draw up at least 3 comic strips and will be sharing them for the next 3 posts.  These were all drawn a year ago and the first 2 are really rusty, in regards to my drawings.  By the third strip, I was finally getting a better handle on how to draw this comic.  These have been gathering digital dust on my hard drive, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to share them with the world.  If there is enough interest, maybe James and I can find a way to produce this series.
For now, here is the first (crudely drawn) strip of The Playtypus of Truth:

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