Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Da Count

To complete my Universal Monster Marathon, I had to include 1931's Dracula.

Originally, I was not going to include the fangs, because Bela's great smile is very toothless.  However, it looked odd with nothing in the mouth.

To ride the theme, for the first time publicly, I'm sharing this animatic I created last Summer.  It was part of an application for a Story Artist position at Telltale Games.  All I was given was a script and the voice tracks, the rest was up to me.  It features my favorite comic characters, Sam & Max, created by the great Steve Purcell (who gave me a thumbs-up for my work).  Click on the image below to view.

Audio and script owned by Telltale Games.  Sam & Max characters owned by Steve Purcell.

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