Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why does this keep happening to me?

I've started making it a habit to draw while watching TV, focusing these days on faces.  Slowly, I've been building a library of facial features I find interesting, so I can have a resource to draw from when designing characters.  However, I find that TV shows these days don't have a good diversity of actors faces, they all seem to look the same.  So, I've been turning to old BBC series, which are full of wonderful character actors.  A few days ago, I spent time watching the 1970's murder mystery series Father Brown and realized I had a recurring problem.  I was pushed to draw my characters faster then usual because each time I chose an actor, they were killed off.


  1. They always kill off the interesting ones....

    I should track down that series.

  2. upper right = Patrick.

  3. I was wondering if someone was going to figure that out. Patrick happened to end up on a page with the rest of the "faces of death".